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Our know-how as vacuum systems provider and our long-term experience as a vacuum components offer you real competitive advantages. Highly qualified systems consultants support you from planning and designing your automation systems to installation and start of operations, and even beyond. Here, an upgradable design with the highest degree of technical innovation and functionality guarantees economical systems design and efficient processes for customers.

Vacuum Gripper Application

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flexy vacuum cup suction cup

Our Products

We have supply a best vacuum systems and vacuum cup, vacuum pad, vacuum ejector, vacuum components for customer from specialist vendor to support our customer.

All industry and all process

Our product can be use with automation systems such as packaging, cans, carton box, palletizer, depalletizer, glass, bottle, wood, fiber cement, elctronics, pouch etc.


Automotive Industry

Polyurethane vacuum cups are widely used in automated automobile assembly plants. Casted polyurethane has the ability to bridge the gap between rubber and plastic with its wide hardness range.

flexy vacuum cup suction cup

Packaging Industry

Dual hardness is more rare and unique. We can now offer you to complete your existing program with dual hardness.


Pastics Mold Industry

Different hardness together which means you get a firm bellow/body in combination with a soft lip. This makes the cups stable and durable with excellent sealing properties.

joulin foam vacuum gripper

Cans Industry

Palletizing or depalletizing layers of open top or sealed cans and multiple product dimensions on the same line. Handling of complete layers, partial layers or single product.

joulin foam vacuum gripper

Palletizer Robot

One gripper for handling products, pallets and slip sheets and no adjustment needed when product changes.


Wood Industry

Stacking or destacking packs of doors, furniture components, wood flooring, panels, rough lumber, etc...One gripper for handling all products dimension.


Joulin Vacuum Grippers Family owned, JOULIN invented the foam vacuum gripper over 60 years ago; They continue to pioneer advances in vacuum technology today. 
Whether you are picking a complete layer, partial layer or single part, the JOULIN foam gripper automatically senses and closes the check valves in areas without product, allowing the same gripper to be used with no additional set up or re-programming.

Flexy Vacuum Cups Polyurethane vacuum cups are widely used in automated automobile assembly plants, labelling and printing, plastic, packaging, robot, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, materials handling and many other industrial applications where pick-and-place methods are employed.



For sample application picture to guide for how to use our product for your process.

New Product

Joulin MiniGrip


• Foams adjust to smooth and rough surfaces easily
• Level compensators allow the Mini-Gripper to adjust for uneven layer heights
without changing the mount
• Ability to pick a variety of products without adjustment
• Unlike larger grippers with fixed hole locations, arrayed Mini-Gripper(s) may be moved to obtain a variety of pitches
• Provides a new way to obtain faster cycle times!


• Easily adaptable to current tight clearance applications comparable to vacuum cups
• No need to over size for small applications. MGs do the trick!
• The vacuum source can be installed directly to or close to the Mini-Gripper to
maximize its capability and efficiency. If using the manifold (VM) vacuum source, it
must be installed close to the gripper/s.
• Much smaller sizes compared to FlexiGrip grippers

Easy to install

• Initial installation or changing a MG out for another is a snap!
• One 10mm compressed air fitting makes for quick push-lock connection to airline
(airline - 10mm O.D.)
• Retrofit existing cups or existing pump system

vacuum gripper


Joulin Safe & Light


• Handle all your product without any adjustment from cardboard boxes, to slip sheets, cans, wood boards, shrink wrapped packs and many other types
• Valves technology available for constant gripping power regardless the type of product
• Including new magnetic system EasyFoam for quick and easy foam replacement
• Rugged and not affected by dust


• Naturally adapted for collaborative application with his foam body
• Extremely resistant for high duties with his carbon fibre structure
• Available with internal or external vacuum generation


• Robot fixing kit available for popular robots as well as specific needs on request (option)
• Valve kit for venturi available for a “Plug and Play” solution (in option)

vacuum gripper

Safe & Light Brochure

Our Servies

We have tools calculate for vacuum systems and for vacuum systems designer use for find right parameter.


Android Mobile Application

Available on Google Play.


iOS Mobile Application

Available on App Store. 

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